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Best Web Design and Web Development Company in Kolkata
Web Design and Web Development Company in Kolkata
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A unique and reputable web design can draw in more customers. Your website design has to be developed or designed with modern tools and development languages. A leading web design is an easiest and fastest way to contact your clients.



Let's design a cutting-edge web design for your e-commerce platform. We provide the best development services in India.


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We are the most affordable website design company in India with many interesting packages. We prefer quality over quantity therefore we focus most of our energy on coding the web application for your business.


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Flown Developer Welcomes You - Most Trusted Website Design Company in India

Flown Developer is a trusted web design company in Kolkata which laid its foundation in 2017. We are a registered company with a professional website which renders the best web design services in India. A web development company with the aim to build the best multi-functional web portals for clients, we move forward to bring to your notice some of the very beautiful and convincing top web design tools and languages which will level up your business game.


We are pleased to announce that we have designed top-notch websites for more than 100 different clients and have been recognised as the top web design company in India. We can develop your web brand into a fully functional, prosperous company by providing custom designs for websites. While keeping in mind the affordability of our services, we provide custom website design and development services. We build our websites on time and within budget, assisting you in obtaining ROI-driven outcomes. We believe in creating a high-quality website which will help our clients thrive in the industry. One of the top web designers is with us in our journey to make a difference in the online presence of our client's businesses.

Flown developer is among the top 10 web designing companies in India. A good web design agency in India can assist you in creating a website that is user-friendly, search engine optimised, and visually beautiful. We will help you develop a result-oriented web design with a wide range of web graphics, innovative ideas, and core strategic design work. We are your one-stop shop to make your website a potential asset for your business and provide development solutions with end-to-end services.

Flown Developer - the best web design and development company in India provides excellent web designs and suitable solutions that enable a website to be compatible with all the modern tools to ensure that all the web pages have a high load speed and caters to all the needs of the users.


Our Services

Let your business have the best website layout and features. We are among the top web design companies in India providing responsive website designing services. Our members have the expertise to yield perfect digital platforms for your customers to engage with you efficiently. Our services are diversified in every aspect to comfort our visitors according to their needs.


Web Design

We help you build an eye-catching and simple-to-use, responsive web design to showcase what you offer. Your custom-designed website will include the theme, images, and plugins you need to give it an appealing appearance. With the top web design company, you can experience the best website development and simple integration of UX design.


24*7 Free Support

Being one of the leading web design companies in India we make it our responsibility to make our customers feel important all the time. Our customer executive experts will be available for you 24*7 to assist you in all your difficult times. Our customers are our priority and we make 10x efforts to satisfy them in all areas.


Web Development

We give an innovative touch to design frameworks, demanding technologies, and modern tools for the best web development for our clients. Our way of working is very delegated and fun due to which we are the best development company in India.


100% Responsive websites

With a brilliant web design and layout a professional website design company will also promise you a responsive website. 100% page load speed and responsiveness are very critical parameters for the success of your online business.


Content Writing

Content levels up your game in the best way possible. The best way you can convince a potential buyer is by creating compelling website content. When you tell your story to your audience they can connect well with you and this can only happen with the help of advanced and brilliant content.


Logo Designs

Various industries, including real estate, education, financial institutions, food, hospitality, information technology, fashion, and more, use our logo design service. Additionally, we offer custom logo design services.


Top Web Design Company In India - Grow Your Online Business with us

Plans & Pricing

We are among the best web solution companies in Kolkata committed to offering full ROI-driven customized web services at affordable prices. Due to its excellent e-commerce website designs and graphics designs Flown Developer is one of the top web development companies it’s Kolkata.


Standard Plan

Web Development Standard Package

₹ 10,000
₹ 7,999

( + 18% GST ₹ 1440)
Features Includes

Premium Plan

Web Development Premium Package

₹ 17,000
₹ 13,999

( + 18% GST ₹ 2520 )
Features Includes

Custom Plan

Web Development Pro Package

₹ ???
₹ ????

( + 18% GST Applicable )
Features Includes

Premium Design E-commerce Plan

Web Development Premium E-commmerce Plan

₹ 25,000
₹ 19,999

( + 18% GST ₹ 3,600 )
Features Includes

Multi-vendor Business & E-commerce Plan

Web Development Custom Design Ecommerce Plan

₹ 40,000
₹ 35,000

( + 18% GST ₹ 6,300 )
Features Includes

Custom Multi-vendor Business & E-commerce Plan

Web Development Multi-vendor Business & E-commerce Plan

₹ ???
₹ ???

( + 18% GST Applicable )
Features Includes
Why Choose Us?

Leading Web Design Company in Kolkata


1 Year Free Domain/Hosting 



Dynamic Websites with attractive web design in Kolkata


High-end services with 100% expert assistance and a wide range of modern tools and parameters.


24*7 Hours call support 


Our development and web services are pocket friendly – Starting from ₹5,499/- Only (18% GST applicable)

9+ Year of Experience

Our experts are experienced in providing website design project deliveries on time with proper analysis and development of a schedule for project completion.



Innovation and creativity are our secrets to providing our customers with a brilliant website.


Our Completed Projects - Top-Notch Web Design Services

Flown Developer provides excellent website development services. Our website designers have contributed their time and energy to creating the best websites for our clients. Know more about our projects and past appreciation from the following projects attached. We provide the best web design and development solutions to our valuable customers.


Our Client Testimonial

Sujit GiriSujit Giri
13:59 17 Sep 23
Flown Developers.They have good-supported team,They respect the time delivery.All my Jeevandaan Foundation (NGO)Team Thanks you for creating Our website.
Arshad JamilArshad Jamil
01:25 10 Sep 23
Excellent devlopment of my sites pages in affordable cost.All team members are very helpful and knolegble. Thankyou So much.
mittul Guptamittul Gupta
14:21 06 Sep 23
Thank you to Flown developer extremely professional easy to reach reasonable prices and very flexible in my experience Im from Delhi and it was pleasure to do business with them Thank you to team of Mr Jhangir alam and Intezam ali 🤝
Mobin RMobin R
11:30 02 Sep 23
Excellent Service,thank you to everyone at Flown Developer for all their help highly recommend.
18:02 23 Aug 23
Would like to thank team Flown developers for completing my website as per commitment , the cost is very reasonable & low compare to other website develops and they also do customization as per customers need...
Urvi ShelarUrvi Shelar
08:31 09 Aug 23
Amazing work done within deadline. Super responsive team and great customer support. Kudos to Muddshir for her skills and Jehangir Ji for his customer centric approach.
Himanshu GargHimanshu Garg
17:00 06 Jun 23
The team is very professional and they completed the project within stipulated time.They understood all my requirements before starting and delivered everything they promised.Would recommend everyone.Thanks team !!!
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We have established a record of happy clientele as customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Quality web designs and full-fledged coding with modern parameters is our strength. We are the best website development company in Kolkata with a 100% reliable team of experts in the concerned field. It’s all about user experience at the end of the day and we ensure that a website is made with all modern tools and ideas covering all the innovations and creativity of a top-notch kind of website.


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Frequently Asked Question

Website development service and design are two distinct processes. While website development service involves writing code to provide functions and features on a website, website design focuses on designing the layout of a website and producing visually appealing content. While web developers concentrate on functionality, website designers prioritise aesthetics and usability. Designers utilise programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator to make the user experience visually appealing, and programmers use languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to make dynamic websites that communicate with databases. Web development focuses on how things function, whereas web design focuses on how things look.

A front-end developer in a good development agency has the primary duty to make sure that users of the website can easily interact with the page. They accomplish this by combining programming, design, and technology to code a website’s aesthetic and take care of debugging. The part of websites and online applications that users actually view and interact with is built by front-end developers. Using web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a front-end developer develops websites and applications that people can access and utilise.

The process of creating a business-to-business (B2B) web development company in India is referred to as B2B web development. E-commerce capabilities, database integration, and other features can be included in B2B web development. The objective is to develop a website that makes communication and business transactions between the two parties easy and effective. In order to support intricate interactions between the client and supplier, B2B websites are often built to be highly functional and to be complex enough to demand extensive programming abilities. This can include automated ordering systems, tools for processing payments, systems for managing customers, online businesses, and more.

As it enables users to manage the information that displays on their website without needing to know HTML code, a Content Management System (CMS) is a potent tool for website development. Without any technical expertise, a user can easily update the material, change layouts and design elements, add new pages and categories, and do much more with CMS software. This is a fantastic method for anyone with no technical knowledge to be in charge of all the many elements of their website. There are many different CMS systems available, from straightforward template-based solutions to more intricate ones requiring substantial system administration or utilising databases. Your individual needs will determine the option you select.

Coding is a significant part of website development, which involves programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It defines how the website will look and function. Coding helps create webpages that are organized and easy to read. The code also provides instructions to the browser so it knows how to display the content on the page. Code is written by developers who take into account aesthetics, usability, accessibility and other design principles when crafting websites. Without coding, websites would not be able to provide users with an easy-to-navigate interface or include rich functionalities such as animations, interactivity or dynamic elements like search bars and forms. Coding is a vital part of website development as it facilitates structuring content in a way that makes sense for users and works as intended when accessed from multiple devices and web browsers.

The process of developing a website using the well-liked content management system WordPress is known as WordPress website development. This includes planning the layout, creating unique plugins and functionality, including external services and APIs, and speed and performance-enhancing optimization including custom software development. WordPress is a user-friendly platform that enables developers to build remarkable websites in less time than it would take to design a conventional website, from straightforward landing pages to substantial e-commerce websites. Without having any coding experience, site owners may easily and quickly add functionality by using established themes and plugins. WordPress is perfect for companies trying to expand their web presence because of its clean codebase and simple customization options.

WordPress and PHP are both tools that can be used to create websites. PHP is a scripting language that helps with the backend coding of websites, whereas WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, that enables easy setup and customization of websites. You’re generally limited to using pre-made themes and templates while using WordPress to build websites. As a result, building a customised website quickly is comparatively easy. On the other hand, building a website with PHP demands more technical expertise but gives you more creative freedom because you have more control over the website’s appearance. Furthermore, PHP is a server-side coding language, making it simple to create features like user login and database access. WordPress, however, is still widely used due to its low cost and high availability of support.

Dynamic website development is the process of creating a website that utilizes web technologies to generate content in response to user interaction. This interaction can come from either the server or the client side, which provides a way for developers to create websites that are tailored to each user based on their preferences and interactions. Dynamic websites are more flexible, powerful, and interactive than static websites, as they can react to changes in data and provide real-time feedback on user interactions. Dynamic website development requires specific programming languages, frameworks, libraries and databases, but they offer multi-functionality and extensibility that allows them to be adapted for many different uses. By coding in such a way that the application pulls data from external sources, dynamic websites are capable of delivering tailored content responses for each user.

Online store creation and management are processes involved in e-commerce web development services. It entails developing a company website that enables clients to purchase goods and services. Web design, e-commerce-specific coding languages, customer experience optimization, payment processing, sales analytics, and marketing strategies are all skills needed for this kind of development. To ensure that the website ranks higher in organic search results, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques must also be understood while developing an e-commerce website. Businesses can access an entirely new market with a well-designed e-commerce website that can produce significant revenue streams.

The process of providing space, services, and technology necessary for a website to be visible on the Internet is known as hosting in the context of website development. In order to establish an online presence, entails renting a domain name or web server, buying SSL certificates, and configuring the web server. Additionally, it necessitates obtaining hosting space from a web host firm, registering the domain name with ICANN, and frequently updating the DNS settings of the domain to properly redirect traffic from the provider’s network to the user’s own website. Users can publish, maintain, and guarantee the accessibility of their websites for all visitors through hosting. Accessible, secure, durable, and well-performing websites are all benefits of good hosting.

A domain is an internet address that is used to identify and find a website as it is being developed. It normally consists of two components, one of which is a top-level domain like.com or.org and the other of which is the name of the website. In order to register a domain, you must first purchase it from a registrar, who will then provide you with continuing services like DNS hosting, email forwarding, and renewal notifications. Registrars charge different prices for domain name registration and renewal, but it’s typically not very expensive. Any successful web development project requires domain ownership because it gives you control over where your content is housed and what services you can use to maintain your online presence.

The goal of responsive website development is to create top web solutions that can adjust to various screen sizes, devices, browsers, and platforms. HTML5 and CSS3 are often used in responsive web designing to enable a webpage’s layout and content to adapt to the particular device it is being viewed on. Additionally, scalable features like graphics and different media types are used in this kind of web design so that the contents can be tailored to each device. By guaranteeing that all links, buttons, forms, and other features operate on all devices, responsive website development also enables developers to create dynamic mobile experiences for users.

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